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Hanging Ceilings for Over 25 Years

Suspended Ceilings Carlton

Drawing directly on over 25 years of professional and personalised experience the skilled and reputable team of plastering and ceiling contractors at CDT Ceilings have helped countless home and business owners throughout Melbourne improve the efficiency of their property’s infrastructure. Suspended at variable heights beneath the building’s actual ceiling CDT Ceilings can design, fabricate, and seamlessly install durable and personalised suspended ceilings for Melbournians throughout the Carlton area and beyond.


Once installed, suspended ceilings can immediately conceal and store bulky or unsightly connections and infrastructure pipes, ducts, wiring, and cabling. Able to be coloured to meet the décor of your building’s interior suspended ceilings can seamlessly blend into your home or office. For a complete experience CDT Ceilings additionally offer superior plastering, bulkhead installation, and project management services at competitive prices. To discuss your personal requirements with our team call us on 0448 212 462.